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HPM 7000 Ton Fast Traverse Hydraulic Press

HPM 7000 Ton Fast Traverse Hydraulic Press


Serial No. 51-244      Age: 1951

Condition: Very Good

Stock Number: 73577

Price: $495,000

7000 TON
Vertical, Downward-Acting, Open rod Type with closed Top Pedestal Type Bed. Platen Guided on Four Column with 360 degree Split Bronze Bearing.
Platen - actuated by one single acting main ram and two double acting booster pullback rams. Pressure is applied to area of main ram and forward area of both auxiliary rams simultaneously. This press was used as a Rubber Pad Press.

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Request A Quote On Our Stock Number: 73577 HPM 7000 Ton Fast Traverse Hydraulic PressRequest a quote on stock# 73577
Capacity7000 TON (62,300 KN)
Main Ram74" (1879.6mm)
2 Pullback Rams21" x 18" (533.4mm x 457.2mm)
Pressing Surface Platen at Sides(L-R x F-B)54" x 72" (1371.6mm x 1829mm)
Pressing Surface Bed at sides (L-R x F-B)54" x 115" (1371.5mm x 2921mm)
Pressing Surface Platen & Bed at ends (L-RxF-B)72" x 144" (1828.8mm x 3658mm)
Pressing Surface Clearance between rods (L-RxF-B)54" x 72" 1371.6mmx 1829mm)
Daylight44" (1117.6mm)
Travel Max28" (711.2mm)
Ram Speeds Closing238 IPM (6042mm per minute)
Ram Speed Pressing8.6 IPM (218.44mm per minute)
Motor200 HP 460/3
Opening238 IPM (6045mm per minute)
Height Above Floor25' (7620mm)
Depth below floor116" (2946.4mm)
Floor Space146" x 126" (3708.4mm x 3200mm
Weight630,000 LB (2,803KN)

Equipped With:
2 Hydraulic Pumps R200/ 2740 PSI.
Hydraulic Tank 156" x 43" W x 72" High mounted on top.

No drawings available.
Previously used to manufacture airplane parts.
1 Column Nut is missing.
Price includes loading on trucks.
Preperation for ocean shipping and delivery to ports $115,000 USD.
We can quote converting this press for Forging Press work.
The HPM 7000 ton press as currently equipped, is suitable for the original design
as a rubber pad press. It would also be suitable as a high tonnage HydroForm
clamp press for the automotive and appliance industries. The HPM Pressing
speed is only 8.6 IPM, powered by a 200 HP electric motor. The press is
currently too slow for metal working and forging applications. With the
quoted upgrade, pressing speed is increased to 27 IPM, 37 IPM or 46 IPM,
depending on the number of pump/motor groups. Fast return can be increased
from 238 IPM to 649 IPM, if the prefill valves will pass the amount of fluid.
These speeds will make the press suitable for applications including:
General metal forming
Open & closed die forging
Shallow and deep draw
Powder compacting
Compression molding
Flattening and/or bending
Upgrade budget cost for variable forge speed 27 IPM = $566,200,
For 37 IPM = $732,300, For 46 IPM $931,600 IPM

Please contact us for detail estimate from the engineering firm.


HPM 7000 Ton Fast Traverse Hydraulic Press

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